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Mollis soaps

Pack of 2 Scented Wax Tablets

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Our highly fragranced hand poured wax tablets are made with our in-house handcrafted essential/ fragrance oil blend and a blend of bees & soy wax. 

They come in a pack of 2.

Each wax tablet weighs about 70g 

If you want 2 of the same variants, please add them as a note at the time of checkout.

Use these scented wax tablets to impart a lovely fragrance to your home and refresh your linens or clothes. Tuck in a drawer, loop around a hanger in your closet or simply place them in your car. 

You can also hang it in the bathroom, bedroom, laundry room, or Nursery to maintain them smelling fresh.  

These wax tablets are a fantastic gift for any occasion. If you're running a party or a wedding, wax tablets can be a great party favor for guests.

As we make these wax tablets in small batches to ensure freshness and potency of the natural essential & fragrance oils, please allow 7- 9 days for delivery.

Please note there might be a slight colour and design variation in the product that you received owing to the handmade nature of our wax tablets.



Each scented wax tablet weighs 70-80g


For soaps

Cold pressed olive oil

Cold pressed coconut oil

Distilled water

Sodium Hydroxide/ Lye

Cold pressed castor oil

Avocado oil

Mango Butter

Shea Butter

Kaolin clay

Shipping & Returns

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Square soap bars - 7 X 8 X 2.2 cm

Rectangular bars - 4.5 X 7.5 X 3 cm

Wax tablets - 10 X 5 X 1.8 cm

Use & Care Instructions

Moisten soap in water, lather, and rinse. 

Suitable for daily use for the face, body, and hands.

Avoid eye contact. 

Store in a dry place.

Use a draining soap dish.

Leave your soap to dry vertically.

Avoid direct sunlight.